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Why good conveyancing is essential  

Whether you are buying or selling, transferring or dividing, there are a number of difficult tasks required in these property transactions that are best left to a professional.

As all property transactions require legal documentation and representation, finding the right Conveyancer that will efficiently and accurately carry out these complex legal and administrative tasks is in your best interest to ensure a smooth and worry free transaction.

A Conveyancer manages your transaction from the time of opening the file (usually shortly after signing the contract with your real estate agent) up to and including the day of settlement. They manage the money coming in and going out for the transaction, and represent you at all levels including with the Land titles office, your financial institution (if required) and the Stamp duties office.

The Conveyancer arranges and assists the settlement and pulls it all together at the end to ensure that both parties get what they signed for and the transaction is finalised.

What to expect from your Conveyancer

  • Set up and file maintenance
  • Obtaining statutory searches and checking correctness of contract and disclosure statement
  • Ensuring client obtains any legal or professional advice required
  • Ensuring conditions of contract are fulfilled by all parties involved by the date specified
  • The confirmation of finance arrangements and representation to specified lender, including the initiation of preparing mortgage documents
  • Preparation of transfer and all other required legal documentation
  • Finalising the transaction by paying outstanding Water, ESL and council rates on behalf of the vendor
  • Distributing cheques at settlement to ensure prompt and accurate payment to all parties involved
  • Reconciling the trust account to ensure accurate distribution of the client’s transaction funds
  • Advising relevant rating authorities and government bodies of transfer of ownership eg. Council and Strata
  • Booking, attending and finalising settlement at The Lands Titles Office
  • Preparing and sending settlement statements advising of money received and distributed, and all relevant fees from the Conveyancer and other organisations such as Stamp Duties, Registration of mortgage, etc.


Some transactions can be more complex or take more time due to the nature of what is required.

At Essential conveyancing we are committed to provide a service that is reliable, accurate and professional. Contact us with any enquires about your property transaction or for a fast obligation free quote.

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  1. Ronald Detabali says:

    Need to have A quote for a contract review prior to signing in SA. October 2020 constuction andJune 2021 finish.

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