Electronic Conveyancing

The Purpose of Electronic Conveyancing

Electronic conveyancing allows conveyancers and financial institutions to lodge and settle transactions in an electronic workspace. The Electronic Conveyancing National Law (ECNL) governs separate legislation in every state. First implemented in NSW as an Appendix to its Electronic Conveyancing (Adoption of National Law) Act 2012, the ECNL became progressively effective in each state. Currently, both the NSW and Victorian governments have commenced the transition to fully adopt digital conveyancing by July 2019. The institutional progression to an electronic conveyancing system removes the physical barriers associated with typical conveyancing. This being said, the legal and administrative documentation in property transactions remains present. At Essential Conveyancing we are fully equipped to handle these comprehensive documents, whilst offering professional representation. We provide consultation, ensuring your needs are fully catered for, whilst removing the stress associated with electronic conveyancing.

Electronic Conveyancing

How the Process Works

There are a variety of legal steps within the electronic conveyancing process. Electronic conveyancing follows a similar process to standard conveyancing, it is just handled through a different platform. At Essential Conveyancing we provide a certified conveyancer who will manage the transaction through its entirety. Starting from the time of opening the file up to and including the settlement date. The process involves numerous steps and documentation. Transaction information is initially collected and checked for completeness. All documents and verified to compliance with the relevant institutions. Instruments and reports to change property ownership and interests are filed at the Land Titles Office, with your financial institution and the Stamp Duties Office. Working through to settlement, the conveyancer ensures any outstanding financial or administrative task are finalised, such that the settlement process is also. Essential Conveyancing take burden off your shoulders throughout the electronic conveyancing process.

Our Approach to Conveyancing

Our commitment to the people we represent drives our great results in electronic conveyancing. We have a highly experienced team that prides themselves on delivering a professional, reliable and accurate service. The diligence we work with on a day to day basis leads to our dependable service. Electronic conveyancing is an essential process with a highly detail orientated nature. Trusting us with the process will remove a significant hassle during an already stressful time. We work through all aspects of the tedious paperwork, but more importantly, work with you to ensure your most desirable outcome is attained. Whether you are buying your first home, selling to move on to something bigger, subdividing or investing in the property market – we’ve got you covered. Remove hassle from the equation by calling Essential Conveyancing.

For more information on electronic conveyancing call the team at (08) 8379 2768 today! We know conveyancing and deliver premier results every time. If you are currently searching for electronic conveyancing in South Australia Essential Conveyancing are experts for you!