Selling Property Privately

Benefits of Selling Your Property Privately

You might be surprised, but selling property privately comes with a multitude of benefits. Thanks to fast and easy access to the internet, selling your own home is simpler than ever. It’s essentially no different to selling a boat or car online. There’s a range of platforms available that accommodate people selling their own properties, such as and If you’re weighing up the pros and cons of going forward with the process yourself, here are some points to consider:

  • You save around $15,000 in advertising fees and commission.
  • You deal directly with sellers, which means no pressure is applied to drop your sale price.
  • Time management is better, because you don’t have to wait for the agents availability.
  • You walk away with more money in your pocket.

If selling property privately is something you’d like to learn more about, call our office for a chat.

Selling Property Privately

What’s the Conveyancers Role in Private Property Sales?

While it’s a great alternative, selling property privately comes with its complexities. We assist by preparing your private contract for you to make sure all details are accounted for.

  • Do you know what information is required?
  • Have you heard about Form 1 documentation?
  • Do you know how to make amendments to the contract, so they are legally binding?
  • Are you aware of what items are included within a sale?

Fortunately, you don’t have to have any of these answers, because we can take care of everything for you! Education is a standard part of our service, and we clearly explain all the steps and requirements to complete a legally adequate contract for your private sale. This makes our service beneficial long-term, because you can take everything you’ve learnt to your next property sale. Don’t let lack of experience turn you away, we make selling property privately stress-free!

About the Essential Conveyancing Team

So, why choose us to guide you through selling property privately? Because we’re the best conveyancers Adelaide-wide! Our tight-knit team is made up of two professional and experienced conveyancers. Kathy, who has 25 years’ experience to her name. The two have an excellent team dynamic and approach to their work, which fuels the success of the business. Essential Conveyancing has adopted a client-centric approach, and the team provide tailored solutions to address all ownership transfer scenarios. Kathy particularly enjoys community and land divisions, as well commercial leases because of the business growth it enables for clients. You can expect valuable advice, ongoing communication, and complete attention to detail from the Essential Conveyancing team. If you’re selling property privately, give us a call to learn more!

We pride ourselves on our ability to take the stress out of the lives of our clients. We’re supportive, professional, and able to reach the best attainable outcomes in minimal time. Call us on (08) 8379 2768 for advice and guidance on selling property privately.