Conveyancer Adelaide

When you need a Conveyancer Adelaide, call Essential Conveyancing

If you are looking to buy or sell a property, it is absolutely essential that you employ a conveyancer Adelaide to ensure your rights in the transaction are protected. Essential Conveyancing is a reputable and progressive conveyancer Adelaide, with a vision to provide South Australians with a professional, reliable and accurate range of conveyancing services. We strive to take the hassle and stress away from our clients, during what should be an exciting time in their lives. Whether you are buying your first home, entering a commercial lease, or producing small or large scale developments, the paperwork associated is always lengthy and complex to understand. Essential Conveyancing will efficiently and accurately complete a legal analysis of all administrative documents, while always keeping your best interests in mind. We will be there to represent you on all levels, from the Land Titles & Stamp Duties offices, to your designated financial institution.

Conveyancer Adelaide

Why we are the best

When you choose Essential Conveyancing as your conveyancer Adelaide, you are tapping into 25 years of conveyancing and property law experience. Our registered conveyancer, Kathy Scheucher, provide a level of service that is simply unrivalled in the conveyancer Adelaide industry, with both establishing and maintaining longstanding relationships with their clients. For residential and commercial clients, we can assist with: First Home Buyer Assistance; settlements; private contract preparation; family & matrimonial transfers; commercial leases; creation & discharge of encumbrances; private mortgage easement creation; variation and extinguishments; death registrations; and land & community divisions. We can also provide specialised services for property developers, such as assistance with document preparation for land and title community divisions. We have a wealth of experience with stringent council approval requirements, and we work closely with the Land Titles & Stamp Duties office, so you can get on with your job, while we get on with ours!

Our conveyancer Adelaide process

So, what can you expect from Essential Conveyancing as your conveyancer Adelaide? We work to ensure our clients gain and understand any legal or professional advice they need, as well as confirming the fulfilment of contractual obligations from both parties by the specified date. We will also:

  • Disclose necessary documents to your financial lender, including mortgage documents
  • Finalise the transaction by paying outstanding council, ESL & water rates on your behalf
  • Distribute settlement cheques
  • Reconcile the trust account
  • Advise relevant authorities about the change of property ownership
  • Book and attend the final settlement meeting at the Land Titles Office
  • Formulate and send finalised settlement statements with records of money paid and received, and all applicable fees from Stamp Duties, mortgage registration etc.

As transactions vary in complexity, so we cannot give a specific time frame for the conveyancing process. However, we will always aim to sign off as quickly as possible, while maintaining our thorough and reliable approach.

So, if you are in need of a conveyancer Adelaide to coordinate and advise you on the buying or selling of your property, get in touch with the ladies at Essential Conveyancing. We guarantee that after just one conversation you will be confident in moving forward with us on your side.