Independent Conveyancing

The Purpose of Independent Conveyancing

Using an independent conveyancing expert will remove your personal burden during a variety of legal transactions. Whilst we offer specialist services for property developers, Essential Conveyancing will provide the highest standard of representation throughout any manner of property transaction. We can ensure a smooth changeover occurs in residential or commercial dealings. Our expertise in independent conveyancing also extend to matrimonial transfers, death registrations and private contract preparations. Beyond the specific services available the purpose of conveyancing is to offer protection and to save time. Correctly addressing all paperwork upfront prevents any surprise future costs. Legal documentation can be very comprehensive and professionals familiar with these documents can efficiently complete the process, saving you time as well. Conveyance also provides peace of mind. Leaving the independent conveyancing work to the professionals takes all the pressure off you!

Independent Conveyancing

How the Process Works

There are many legal and administrative steps associated with the independent conveyancing process. From a residential property standpoint, Essential Conveyancing make sure you have support throughout the entirety of the process. A certified conveyancer manages the transaction from the time of opening the file up to the settlement date. The conveyancer manages the incoming and outgoing financial duties throughout the transaction. Reconciling the trust account and disclosing all necessary documents are examples of the tasks required. Representation is also provided at all levels, at the Land titles office, with your financial institution and the Stamp duties office. They will then arrange and assist the settlement by finalising any outstanding council, ESL and water rates on your behalf. This leaves both parties aware of what they have signed for and the transaction is finalised. Essential Conveyancing take the jargon and stress out of the independent conveyancing process.

Our approach to Independent Conveyancing

At Essential Conveyancing we pride ourselves on our diligent and professional approach to independent conveyancing. We know conveyancing and can provide essential and hassle-free representation throughout any property transaction. As these transactions require legal documentation, it is important to find the right conveyancer who can efficiently complete any complex legal and administrative tasks. Obtaining the correct consultation, aids in ensuring your needs are catered for, whilst removing the stress associated with these complex transfers. The team of professional at Essential Conveyancing work through all aspects of the tedious paperwork associated with independent conveyancing, but more importantly, work with you to ensure your most desirable outcome is attained. Take the hassle out of the equation by using Essential Conveyancing, the independent conveyancing experts.

Our commitment to the people we represent drives our great results. We have an experienced team that provides a professional, reliable and accurate service. If you are in need of independent conveyancing contact Essential Conveyancing today at (08) 8379 2768.